Welcome Elie Eve | Western Mass Lifestyle Newborn Photos at Home

New Dad admires his wife's strength cozied up on a couch during their Western Mass lifestyle newborn photos at home, looking like an L.L. Bean catalogue imageSo a lot of you know that my middle name is Eve (hence April Eve Images), and some of you might remember that Mr. April Eve Images and I decided to give our daughter my middle name as well. Imagine how heart-meltingly excited I was find out that Miss Elizabeth ALSO has the middle name Eve. Being born on Christmas Eve, it only seemed fitting for the best Christmas gift ever.

Then there is this very natural, and candid image of the new family. Everyone is admiring the new baby EXCEPT Dad – who is looking at his wife like his heart is going to explode with love, and pride. If I had to wish everyone just one thing for the New Year, it would be that they have someone in their lives that looks at them like this when they aren’t paying attention.


Are you expecting your own squishy-legged snuggle bug this year? Let’s make sure we capture them in these first weeks, while they are still so tiny they fit in one arm.


  • Wrinkly newborn baby legs just days old at home in Belchertown mass for their lifestyle newborn photo session
  • Newborn baby girl snuggled up in a neutral knit scarf during her Amherst mass lifestyle newborn photography session
  • Black and white image of a new mom snuggling a baby just days old during their Lifestyle newborn photos in Western Mass
  • New dad admires his newborn daughter near a window during a Lifestyle newborn photography session in Western Mass

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