Happy Birthday Clara – Western Ma Cake Smash Photography

Excited little baby girl gets ready to smash a giant cake for her one year birthday photos with April Eve Images in Western MassI’ve heard it from Moms everywhere. Having a newborn is hard and lots of times isolating. If this is your first time around, or if this is your third tiny human, you feel like you are winging it. The game changer for a lot of folks is community, and someone to commiserate with, celebrate with, cry with, and laugh until you cry with. I was so lucky that one of my best friends of 18+ years had a beautiful and spunky baby girl just a couple months after I had my daughter, Willow. I say spunky, because she decided to come fast and furious a month early. I can still feel the shock of the text message with a picture of Clara saying “She’s here!” and the total relief to find out that everyone was doing well. That was a year ago. 12 months. It feel like forever ago and like yesterday all at the same time.

Anyway I am so grateful that Willow has a built-in best friend as smart and sassy as Clara, and that I have someone I can send gross pictures to and ask “is this normal?”

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Ciocia April, Uncle Will, and Willow love you so much!


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