Photographer April Jasak-Bangs of April Eve Images in Western Ma holds a handful of yellow balloons and giggles in her photos

I remember climbing the dirt hill in the backyard. Sometimes it was Everest, sometimes I was in my castle looking down at my adoring kingdom.

I remember waking up early one day, opening a kids’ cookbook and creating the most magnificent eggs in a basket for Mom + Dad to eat in bed. They didn’t even get food poisoning.

I remember locking Babcia (my grandmother) in the garage, and thinking it was a silly little joke. The following two days she didn’t talk to me were the longest in my life.

Nightly family Rummy games on the living room floor, playing for pennies and bragging rights.

Sunday mornings and a dozen Dunkin Donuts always on the counter.

Yes, I went to college and graduated with a degree in Photography. Yes, I continue to learn and push myself to create creative, and technically clean images. Yes, it’s pretty awesome to own my own business, but none of these things speak as loudly to who I am as a photographer, than the importance of family, legacy, and love.

When I don’t have a camera in my hands you will find me in the kitchen with flour on my face as I perfect next year’s Jasak Christmas Cookie Bake-off recipe, out in the garden with dirt in my hair while I tend to my tomatoes that will become a sauce that can (hopefully) rival my Mom’s, or cuddled up on the couch watching Shondaland with a glass of white wine and two snuggley puppies keeping my feet and soul warm.


Western Ma Family Photographer - April Eve Images

Western Ma Family Photographer - April Eve Images

Photographer April Jasak-Bangs of April Eve Images in Western Ma smiles

And then there is love of a different kind: It’s a warm summer night driving myself to meet some old and new friends for a rousing game of mini golf. With the windows down there is the not-so-faint smell of cows and french fries that only ever feels natural in Hadley. Who is that cute boy with the hat? OK April sound smart, sound confident… wait I just lost? Coming from a family who can turn a Christmas cookie swap into a competition, this is huge. I married that sweet as a sugar cookie boy and never won another mini golf game again.

South Hadley Photos - April Eve Images

South Hadley Newborn Photography - April Eve Images
South Hadley Baby Photos - April Eve Images
Each family has a unique story, filled with a diverse cast of characters, and heartwarming tales. Capturing your adventures is my life’s passion. This isn’t just for you right now – it’s for your grandkids and beyond to find one day. This is your legacy.

You at the breakfast bar moving piping hot sugar cookies to the cooling rack while the love of your life helps your littlest decorate her masterpiece of a cookie with as much frosting and edible glitter as she can. When she’s done, she holds it up for everyone to see, fingers dyed from the food coloring, and pride beaming from her eyes. Your oldest earnestly tells her it’s the prettiest cookie he’s ever seen, and you realize life really is sweet. These are the genuine moments filled with love that I will be there to preserve for you.