Family of four feed the birds at the Quabbin Reservior in Belchertown MA with their western mass family photographerWhere We Start

Let’s get together over a cup of tea or a glass of Pinot Grigio at the studio and chat about what you envision for your family’s art. If that immediately causes panic in a “oh my gosh I have no idea what I want to do with these images, I just know I want them” sort of way, don’t worry! This appointment is just for brainstorming, not decision making.  You will see examples, and I will ask questions and offer ideas and together we will discover how you want to remember your family as it is today. Do you imagine a canvas above the fireplace that makes you misty as a spring morning when you think back to the day? How about your very own book that can be pulled from the shelf on a snow day with the kids, telling the story of your family laughing and playing? Maybe it’s a small grouping of images in fun, whimsical frames that makes everyone oooo and ahhhh when they walk by. Or maybe you want it all. We will channel our inner Goldilocks to figure out what YOUR “juuuuuussst right” feels like and then I can keep that in mind when photographing your session.

 It’s a great process – April suggests how to arrange the portraits on your wall. I’m not good at stuff like that so I found the design process very helpful! – Cathy L.
Your Session

Put your matching Polo shirts away, wear something you would actually be seen in public wearing, and get ready for a relaxed and fun experience. Because we have met at your pre-session consultation, we already know what we are hoping to capture during the session, so all you have to do is hang out with your awesome family without any other distractions. Most family and senior sessions take about an hour to an hour and a half, while newborn sessions are scheduled into my calendar for 2-3 hours, giving the little bundle plenty of time for diaper changes, feedings, and soothing.

The Investment

Newborn Sessions:
Full Studio or At Home – $250   |   Fresh 48 Mini – $49 + $150 retainer
Family Portrait Session – $195
Senior Portrait Session – $195
Limited Edition Mini Session* – $49 + $150 retainer

Along with the pre-session consultation appointment, the session fee for full sessions also includes the time it takes to photograph, as well as cull through the images so you can focus on the best of the best during your private viewing appointment. There is no minimum order, and the price menu is a-la-carte so you invest only in the pieces that will brighten your days.

Your Artwork Experience

It’s time! Aren’t you excited to see what artwork is going to be part of your family story forever?! I will welcome you back to the studio for a private design and ordering appointment. You will feel famous, and maybe a little weepy (we can blame it on dust if you want) when we watch the slideshow set to music which tells your family’s story as you are right this moment. Then together we will work with the various locations around your home, different combinations of images, and styles of finished artwork until we come up with something that is exactly right.

*Limited edition mini sessions only happen twice a year in Western, MA; spring and fall/winter. They can not be booked throughout the year, as the dates will be pre-determined. Because of the limited session time, ordering will take place online via password protected web gallery, rather than in-person at the studio.