You can imagine Super Hero birthday parties, first days of school, college scholarships (because of course she will be the smartest kid in her class), and even family dinners with all of your grandkids – just like on Parenthood. BUT you still have three months to go before she’s even ready to make her big debut in this world. You haven’t met her yet, but you have so many hopes and dreams and unconditional love for her.

Show her that all of this is and was and will always be true by capturing this new beautiful love when she is only a few days old. Below are some great examples of how natural newborn photos can be simple, beautiful, and most of all a genuine portrayal of your life during this special time.


Cooley Dickinson Newborn, Cole's toes sticking out  from his swaddle during his newborn session at the studio.Baby Cole is a proud Cooley Dickinson newborn! His Mom decided that she would be most relaxed during a session if it were here at the South Hadley studio. It gave her a chance to get out of the house, and enjoy Mr. Cole in a peaceful and light-filled setting.  “I want to remember him just as he is today,” she said when we started planning Cole’s newborn session. I knew we needed to get all of the little baby details to help her accomplish this goal. These teeny tiny baby toes won’t be this small ever again.

Baby Thomas cuddles up to Dad while taking a nap for his Western Ma baby pictures.


Thomas (my beautiful nephew) had his Western Ma baby pictures taken at his home in Longmeadow. He was only four days old and just wanted to snuggle with his Mom and Dad the whole time. I also was lucky enough to photograph Thomas when he was just a couple hours old – and captured a priceless image of his Great Grandmother gingerly holding and adoring him. With these images he will know forever that he was loved from the second he was born.


A quiet moment snuggling with Gabe and his Mom during his at home newborn session in Western Ma.

Gabe’s Mom also decided that an at-home newborn photo session would work best for her and her family. With a two year-old at home transitioning into being a big brother it was best to relax and enjoy the whole family being together. Although Gabe was the true focus of this baby portrait session, it was important for his Mom and Dad to have images showing the love the family instantly felt for for baby G. So while the focus remained on his tiny face, Mom and Dad are truly present with warm and genuine expressions of love.


Real baby yawns from Catherine's natural western ma newborn photos at home.Baby Catherine was so excited to share all of the hand-made quilts she was given before she was even born, along with her science and nature-y nursery, she asked me to come over to
her home to photograph her for her newborn pictures. The picture of C yawning is one of my all time favorites. Not only is she laying on a very special quilt with beautiful bright colors, but the simple yawning expression is so natural and oh so adorable for newborns. I can’t remember a time I haven’t said “aaaawwww” when a baby yawned in front of me. The most important take away from this session is that you don’t need to go over board posing baby and even family members in awkward and uncomfortable positions to get beautiful and honest artwork. Your life is beautiful just as it is!

Beautiful newborn Sam had his newborn photos taken while cuddling with Mom at my Western Ma studio

This beautiful image of my photographer friend Leah and her newborn Sam was taken in the soft morning light at the studio. This image is 100% focused on their relationship as Mom and Baby Boy. Both didn’t need to be looking at the camera and smiling to show happiness and love. Just warm natural light, snuggles, and a kiss on the forehead, and their Western Ma newborn photography became heirlooms they will treasure forever.


If natural newborn photos sounds like a perfect fit for your growing family get in touch with me today to schedule a consultation!