Wasn’t it just yesterday your Mom was framing your finger paintings, and tying your shoes before the first day of school. I mean, weren’t you just passing notes to your best friend featuring cute hearts around a certain someone’s name? How is it that SAT’s are right around the corner? If you think all of that flew by – just wait for your senior year. As a (self-proclaimed) old lady, trust me when I say if you blink, you’ll miss it. This year is going to be the most exciting and overwhelming and stressful and FUN of your high school career – and your senior portraits is the kick off to all the celebration.

Your senior pictures mark both a beginning and an end – they show change, and growth and acknowledgment of where you came from. They should be a 100% reflection of who you are right now as you start this new chapter in life. Besides YOU, the location you choose to be photographed in is the most important decision you’ll make regarding your photos – yes, even more important than what outfit you pick! Do you love your school’s campus? Do you prefer to spend your free time surrounded by nature, or downtown shopping? Does your family vacation in Maine or on the Cape every year? Ask yourself WHERE is important to me. If nothing comes to mind – no worries – I can create some pretty stunning images here at my South Hadley studio as well. To help get you thinking, below are some examples of locations near and far you can take advantage of for your senior pictures. Be sure to check out the links below for more examples of images at each location!

Western Ma Senior Jenna chose to have her senior pictures taken on the Cape.Jenna’s grandparents live on the Cape, so her family always spent summer vacations in the sun and sand. So even though Jenna is from Western Ma, her senior pictures were a reflection of all the happy times spent while not in school. Between the beach, her grandmother’s lovely gardens with blue Hydrangeas, and a unique horse farm down the road with fields and a barn – there was no shortage of variety in Jenna’s images. Is there a special place you and your family vacation every year that you would want to incorporate into your session?

Jahara's Western Ma senior pictures in downtown Northampton


Jahara decided to wanted a little mix of sassy and pretty for her senior pictures, so we started at a park, but some of my favorite images from her session came from downtown Northampton. With all of the little back alleys, brightly colored walls, garage doors, and fire escapes, we didn’t have to leave Western Ma to get some glamorous senior pictures. 

Ian's Western Ma senior pictures were taken here at our South Hadley studio.
The guys all seem to love coming to the studio. No fuss no muss! Lucky for all of them, having their senior pictures taken at the studio still means lots of variety. There is very classic and beautiful lighting inside, but when we explore outside, within walking distance there is a nature trail leading to the river, 1890’s brick buildings, and a old fire house museum to use as backdrops. If we have some extra time scheduled in, we have even taken a quick drive down to Mount Holyoke College to take advantage of their sports fields and stunning architecture.




Gabby giggling in Smith College Botanical Gardens for her western ma senior pictures

If you are all about nature, but still want a little variety to break up all the green, both Smith College Botanical Gardens and Child’s Park in Northampton offer some really beautiful backdrops. Beautiful trees, flowering gardens with tons of color, and interesting buildings and architectural details compliment a large range of outfits and expressions.



Regina on the Williston Northampton campus for her Western Ma senior pictures

When you have a beautiful campus like Williston Northampton to call your own, you definitely take advantage of it. Again with the variety (are you sensing a trend here) of beautiful brick buildings, white pillars, ponds, and nearby alleys of Easthampton for a little grit – you really can’t go wrong for either guys or gals.



12 Hour Sale for Class of 2016 Western Ma Senior PicturesIf unique and fun senior photos sounds like a perfect fit for you get in touch with me today to schedule a consultation!