Gabby’s Northampton Garden Senior Photos | Class of 2017

You gotta catch them all! This stunning, talented, and athletic Pokemon trainer had an amazing session at the Smith College Botanical Gardens (definitely check out her trainer photo on Facebook). The light was perfect. The colors were beautiful. Gabby was natural. You really couldn’t ask for more in a senior summer garden session.

Sorry – I’m still giggling about Pokemon Go over here. Thanks to Gabby and my friend Jenn, I have joined the rest of the world. BACK TO THE HUNT!

  • Beautiful colors, and eyes for a close up during Gabby's Smith College Botanical Gardens' senior photo session
  • Gabby, a Williston Northampton class of 2017 senior, smiles in front of beautiful ornamental grass in the Smith College botanical gardens during her senior pictures
  • Williston Northampton School's Class of 2017 senior, Gabby poses in front of beautiful flowers during her Northampton senior portrait session
  • A laugh from Gabby, a Williston Northampton Senior during her natural garden photos at the Smith College Botanical Gardens
  • Williston Northampton School's Class of 2017, Gabby sits on a bench in front of purple flowers at her natural garden senior photos in Northampton, MA

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