I think being photographed was the only thing keeping Scott awake the morning we did his seniors pics? It may have been the lack of breakfast… so let that be a lesson to all of you out there, eat a good healthy breakfast the day of your senior pictures. All kidding aside we had a […]


Amanda brought a ton of outfits so we were able to capture all side of her personality. Some of my favorites are the fashiony stuff we did with her in prom dress at the Look Park train tracks. The attitude is absolutely perfect!


So there we were at Stanley Park.There was an umbrella, a fountain and a security¬†guard¬†who looked the other way. What do we do? Obviously have Becca jump in! We had so much fun with the beautiful, athletic and funny Becca… it was hard to to take a bad one of her. Even the security guard […]


Whoa. This lady meant business during her senior session at the Quabbin. Throughout the day two thing were confirmed: 1.) Taylor Lautner is hot. 2.) Caroline is hotter. We seriously had a blast… we’ve never laughed so hard while at “work” !

nikkii & steve!

Sunshine was more than abundant for Nikki and Steve’s beautiful wedding at Angelo’s on Main Rockledge in West Hartford. A super unique wedding, with red accents used throughout the entire wedding… INCLUDING beautiful Esmeralda who gave us some really fun pictures with the newlyweds. These two were super fun and such a sweet couple! Congratulations […]